Board of Directors

Board President Robin L. Jobe

Board Treasurer Leroy Nunn

Board Secretary David A. Berkel

  Board Meeting Schedule for 2018                                                                 January           9th       6:00 pm                                                                February        13th     6:00 pm                                                               March             13th     6:00 pm                                                               April                10th      6:00 pm                                                               May                   8th      6:00 pm                                                                June                 12th     6:00 pm                                                                July                   10th    6:00 pm                                                                August             14th    6:00 pm                                                               September       11th    6:00 pm                                                               October              9th    6:00 pm                                                               November        13th     6:00 pm                                                               December         11th    6:00 pm                                  Meeting dates and times subject to change


Chief Officers & Administration

Craig Sullivan

Michael Kelley

Assistant Chief

Jack Bielefeld

Adam Hansel

Battalion Chief/Medical Officer

Anna Marie Short

Office Manager/Secretary to the Board of Directors


Line Officers

Jason Hatley

Captain A - Shift

Joe Van Leer

Captain A - Shift

Chad Johnmeyer

Captain B - Shift

Daniel Cooley

Captain/Public Information/Public Education Officer B - Shift

Andy Branscum

Captain/Training Officer C - Shift

Tim Widman

Captain C - Shift


Financial Statement

March 13 2018 Board meeting Minutes (doc)


Financial Statement (pdf)